Transportation Services That Deliver Savings and Efficiency

Whether you are seeking to outsource all or part your transportation needs, our global network of logistics bases can help optimize your supply chain. Tailored services and a single point of contact, with high levels of visibility.

Spanning 40 countries, we can integrate your operations, including the sourcing and management of external service providers, across material product collection, warehousing, value added services, distribution and crossdocking.

Services Include:

Direct distribution for retailers

from port or from DCs direct to store. Bespoke options include added-value activities, such as assembling POS-ready displays for delivery direct to store, and just-in-time delivery for retail promotions. Our retail industry and supply chain experts can also provide network planning consultancy to exploit those extra opportunities for improved efficiency.



Milk Run

Well planned consolidation to optimize pick-up and delivery logistics and trim transportation costs.

After-sales Logistics

We have become the partner of choice for so many big name companies for after-sales logistics – protecting their brand loyalty. Companies in the auto, aerospace and hi tech sectors especially value the way we service their accessories and replacement parts.


Reverse Logistics

we provide complete returns processing, designed for proper disposal, while minimizing costs. We are proud to be helping companies achieve their CSR commitments to zero landfill policies, collecting, disassembling and transporting parts to appropriate recycling facilities.  A single source for all stages in the return process.


Final Mile Delivery

Whenever goods require extra special services in the final mile delivery, we have the necessary expertise. That includes special treatment, such as white glove handling for highly sensitive equipment or works of fine art, or unpacking and product setup at final destination. Even basic training for on-site users. You can be confident that our consultants will work closely with your people to configure the most appropriate network configuration.


Cold Chain Logistics

Companies moving temperature sensitive products trust CROWN SHIPPING EXPRESS to protect the end-to-end integrity of their products, all along the cold chain. That’s because they know we can tailor services to the specific

needs of different industries, ranging from technology to pharmaceuticals, from perishable foods to the aerospace industry.

Road and Rail Services

Our Intermodal Services specialists design and manage domestic road and rail supply chains, with best practice built in. Solutions that deliver flexibility and reliable lead times, together with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Cross Border Transport

We operate cross-border, with all the supporting services you would expect from an industry leader, from customs house brokerage to cross-docking, consolidation, de-consolidation and reverse logistics